Natal & Progressed Chart Reading

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Service Description

Your Natal Birth Chart is a snapshot of the energetic impression made upon you by the planets at your birth. It's a blueprint of the energies you came here to work with in this lifetime. With that first breath of life, you inhaled all sorts of energetic influence from the planets and zodiac signs. These influences formed your starting point. This is your natural state. This is your base of operations. Configurations in this chart tell us what you came to focus on, how you approach life, how you feel in general, how you process things like thoughts and feelings, what motivates you, how do you access your joy, what is your 'lucky point', what kinds of gifts and talents you possess, how do you receive and express love, what is your unique spark, what are your challenges, where you are headed in life, etc. The answers are seemingly endless. The Progressed Chart reading is like a reading of where your birth planets are now. It's a reading of the energies at work in your current era of life. It shows us the big themes you are currently spiraling through. What are you focusing on? Which direction will the surprises come from? What lessons are you currently working through? Where are you on your unfolding path? (Disclaimer: When booking an appointment, please note that the "appointment time" represents the starting point at which your reading will be worked on and recorded. Readings may take up to 7 business days to complete.)

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