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Riley Oliveia

At Your Service

Who am I? In order to truly answer that question, I'd have to show you my Natal Birth Chart or write a book. Instead, I'm going to keep it short and sweet. I was born when the Sun was in the sign of Leo, and the Moon was in the sign of Aquarius. I shine from my heart and deeply feel the cosmic energies buzzing throughout existence. 
I began my astrological studies with Intuitive Astrology and quickly integrated Psychological Astrology. Within a year or so, I found Evolutionary Astrology and dove right in. This rollercoaster eventually brought me to Galactic Astrology where I studied under the guidance of Lavandar at Starseed Hotline and Julia Balaz of Galactic Astro Chart.
I currently find myself integrating all of this knowledge and experience into the wisdom of embodied living. Quantum activations have been the name of the game these days as I play with a more grounded approach to the reading of a star chart. The message I bring is to live from the Heart as your Sovereign Self.

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