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Natal Birth Chart

Your Natal Birth Chart is a snapshot of the energetic impression made upon you by the planets at your birth. It's a blueprint of the energies you came here to work with in this lifetime.  With that first breath of life, you inhaled all sorts of energetic influence from the planets and zodiac signs. These influences formed your starting point. This is your natural state. This is your base of operations. Configurations in this chart tell us what you came to focus on, how you approach life, how you feel in general, how you process things like thoughts and feelings, what motivates you, how do you access your joy, what is your 'lucky point', what kinds of gifts and talents you possess, how do you receive and express love, what is your unique spark, what are your challenges, where you are headed in life, etc. The answers are seemingly endless.

(This is a live, one hour recorded reading via zoom. Scroll down to book this reading!)

Solar Return Chart

The Solar Return reading is a reading that interprets the energies present for your year ahead from the time the sun revisits the exact position it was in when you were born until the next time it does so in the following year. This is like a personal new year reading. What energies will you be working with this year? What are the best ways for you to navigate the energies of this year?  What opportunities await you in the coming year? How are you spiraling this year?

(This is a live, 90 minute, recorded reading over zoom. Scroll down to book this reading!)


Transit Chart

Your transit chart tells you what time it is, now. By examining your transit chart, we'll find out if it's time for you to launch that business, change your career, start a family, go on that exciting trip, go back to school, hire a lawyer, say good bye, release trauma, claim an inheritance, meet a special someone, focus on your self-care routine, renovate your home, move into a new space, switch up your diet, start a new routine, say 'yes' to a project, speak your truth, etc. What time is it for you?

(This is a live, 90 minute, recorded reading over zoom. Scroll down to book this reading!)

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All readings come complete with charts, PDFs, and live recordings.

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