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Spiral Up Astrology

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There is an endlessness inherent within the spiral that reminds us of our everlasting Self and how this infinitely reflects in the constant motion of the Universe.
Ultimately, spirals represent the act of living.
A spiral is a simple symbol representing the movement of energy at the most subtle of levels.
Life is an act of unfolding on all levels.
The discipline of astrology is the study of this unfolding. 
Here at Spiral Up Astrology, I take both of these concepts and apply them to the study of your own unfolding. I tap into your highest potentials and examine the many ways in which they may unfold in your act of living. I invite you to consciously engage in your evolutionary process. One of the first steps in this process is to become aware of the energies you came to work with as depicted in your Natal Birth Chart. 
After gaining an understanding of these energies, we can move on to examining where you are on your spiraling path with your Progressed Chart. Your Transit Chart will give us an even greater zoomed-in focus regarding where you currently stand on this daily unfolding of your path. 
It's important for us to remember and keep in mind that we are beautiful spiraling expressions of light.
Let's spiral up!

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